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What my clients say about me

JD Counsellor


"Really useful - great counsellor, really nice, welcoming space."



"I found Julie non judgemental'


"Thank you . I'm not sure what I expected, but I knew I had to do something and was more hopeful than expectant. Delighted to find that you over-delivered".



"I found you a good sounding board, and very astute at picking up the issues that I reacted to. You tended to keep me on track and prompted when I wavered. While the thought processes I went through were similar to those I have done on my own, your presence and interaction changed realisations, directions and decisions. Maybe subtly but also significantly and in a way I would not have done on my own. "




"The counsellor was very flexible, allowing me to talk about what I wanted to and in my own way. She adapted to my style. I also really liked the practical tips and practices such as mindfulness techniques, CBT etc."



"Thank you for all your help and for listening to my story. "




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